“TOGETHER” CD, Mary Faith Rhoads & John Pearse


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Originally recorded in March 1980 at Godfrey Daniels Coffee House in Bethlehem, PA and released as an LP, this is the digitized release from 2022. The LP included 11 cuts and the CD format allowed us to add 8 more previously unreleased cuts from the original tapes. John was an incredible entertainer and performer. He used me as a foil to get the audience involved… and the concerts we did at Godfreys were usually followed by a mass exodus to a local all night restaurant where the stores kept on spinning!

Origiinal Tracks:

  1. Kitchen Girl,
  2. Moanin‘ for You
  3. The Three Sea Captains
  4. Single Life
  5. Side by Side
  6. When I First Came to This Land
  7. Blue World
  8. Sally Free and Easy
  9. Drink to Me Only
  10. The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago
  11. Lonesome Valley

Additional previiously unreleased tracks:

  1. CB in England
  2. Foggy Duew
  3. Mary’s Medley
  4. The Miles Between
  5. Dr. Jazz
  6. Song of the Roses
  7. John’s History of the Mouth Bow/Cripple Creek
  8. June Apple/Liza Jane


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