STRING ALONG Video Tapes: Learn Guitar with John Pearse


The acclaimed John Pearse PBS educational/instructional series

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In case you missed John’s PBS series, here is your opportunity to have John teaching YOU guitar right in your own living room!

Tape 1 starts at the beginning, learning how to hold and tune the guitar, elementary chords, and ways to start right out making music.

Tape 2 introduces tablature notation, works on finger picking and syncopation, coordinating right and left hands.

Tape 3 moves to an intermediate level, getting into more advanced theory and styles. Learn how to play scales and unlock the fingerboard so you can play melodies all over the neck.

Tape 4 introduces the classical guitar and left hand vibrato. Open tunings and playing with a slide open the door to both Hawaiian style guitar and Pedal Steel mimicry.

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Set of 4, Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3, Tape 4


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