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After John Pearse’s death in 2008, the task of digitizing our old LP recorded tapes fell to me. Steven Sheehan put me in contact with Steve Ponbtolillo as the best in the business and we showed up there, with all the tapes. After he was finished digitizing them, steve gave me the full files on disk, but also gave me mp3 CDs to listen to in the car on the way home. The albums which had been redone were self evident…what was this one? It was the recording of one wonderful night 7 of us got together to do the concert you can hear here. John had mastered the tape, but it was somehow forgotten until that CD brought it to my memory! Actually, almost everyone in the band had mostly forgotten it too! I consider it a miracle child! Recorded at Godfrey Daniels Coffee House, Bethlehem, Dec. 31, 1980.

The musicians, all basically from our local area were John [he came 5000 miles to be local!] and I, Jay Ansil, Gerry Bastoni, Jeff Biro, Chris Jones, and Hub Willson.


  1. I Get the Blues
  2. Reason to Believe
  3. Third Rate Romance
  4. Follow Your Heart
  5. Sweet Dreams of You
  6. Sarah’s Waltz
  7. Settin’ the Woods on Fire
  8. Songs of the Stars
  9. Memphis Blues
  10. Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain
  11. Cloudy Days
  12. Drivin’ Me Out of My Mind
  13. Trials, Troubles, Tribulations


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