John Pearse® Thomastik-Infeld Folk Fingerpicking Set PJ116


All Wound Strings

E .043   A .035   D .030   G .025   B .024   E .016

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This is a revolutionary set which was created by John Pearse for Thomastik-Infeld years ago. This set is entirely wound, yes even the first string!! They have the same tension as a classical set yet have the warmth and brightness of a full metal set bridging the sound and playing gap between the two acoustic instruments,  classical and metal strung, both in sound and playability.

Originally designed for pre 1900’s parlor guitars which needed a more “classical” tension, they are ball ended and were John’s constant companion for his old Martin 0-28K which is why it had that distinctive sound.

Bass strings E, A and D are round wound on a nylon core with a big warm sound without distracting picking noises. The treble strings are flat wound nylon on a rope core and sound brighter than nylon strings. It is the perfect set of acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

If you buy this set, please pay attention to the instructions on the inside of the set insert. The first string, the hi E, is incredibly fragile because of the nature of its composition so you must not kink it when putting it on the guitar or it will snap. [Consider yourself warned!!]

But once on the guitar, because of their nature, these strings will surprise you with their longevity!



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