John Pearse® Li’l Nipper™


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John Pearse® Li'l Nipper (tm)

John Pearse® Li’l Nipper™ Guitarist’s Tool!!

Literally NO ONE likes to change strings! [This is why we got into the string business!] But, sometimes, you just have to do it! John has been literally “playing” with this design for over twenty years! Here is a string winder which operates LATERALLY…its movement is PARALLEL to the headstock! If it should slip, it will not DING the headstock! And, more importantly, your wrist is never flexed or strained so it does not contribute to Repetitive Strain Wrist Injury!

One of the best things about the Li’l Nipper™ is that it folds up into a compact, smooth shape which is easily stored in a pocket or in the accessory compartment of your case. It is made from Space Age TOLVAR which is incredibly strong and incredibly light!!

Another great thing about the Li’l Nipper™ is that you can have it in your guitar case on an airline and not have it confiscated!

John Pearse® Li'l Nipper (tm) 12 String

The John Pearse® Li’l Nipper™ includes a special snap-in Adapter which is designed to accomodate small-buttoned tuners! It works on 12 STRING GUITARS, MANDOLINS, BANJOS and ELECTRIC GUITARS!

John Pearse® "Li'l Nipper" (tm) AdapterRemoving the Adapter reveals the “Standard” cup, appropriately sized for 6 string guitar, and instruments with larger button tuners..

John Pearse® "li'l Nipper" 6 String A

Remember, the movement of the John Pearse® Li’l Nipper™ is a LATERAL movement! There is no strain on your wrist!

John Pearse® Li'l Nipper (tm) Pin Puller

Removing the plug-in Adapter also allows you to access the Pin Puller. Remember to loosen the strings before attempting to remove a pin. If a pin is difficult to remove, try pushing the string down into the slot while you are lifting the pin.

With the John Pearse® Li’l Nipper™ you don’t need to carry pointed wire cutters what can cause such damage to your instrument if you drop them or if they fall out of the accessory compartment in your guitar case! The Li’l Nipper™ utilises a system of two tool-steel cutting plates that will shear through the toughest string!

John Pearse® Li'l Nipper String Cutter

To cut off a string end, first swing out the cutter lever to line up the cutter holes, as shown in the color image. Then, feed the end of the string through the holes…and bring the lever back to the closed position. The string is cut! And, by contrast with clippers, the shearing plates never leave a hook to tear your finger!


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