John Pearse® Faux Tortoise™ Shell End Pin


John Pearse® Faux Tortoise Shell End Pin with Abalone Dot.


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We are delighted to introduce these wonderful slotted John Pearse® Faux Tortoise™ Shell End Pins with Abalone Dots.

These pins are absolutely the closest thing to the appearance of the REAL thing–the trade in which is now illegal, thank heaven! They are created from Casein, a phosphor protein of MILK [!!] precipitated by heating it together with a mild acid to form this beautiful and extremely hard-wearing plastic!

We have had such an incredible response to the bridge pins, that we now have available the matching bridge pins AND strap button! A good friend, Wayne Henderson, said we needed to have the set so everything on the guitar would match! And guess what you might find on his new guitars!

Perfect for dressing up that little old Martin or a vintage European Romance guitar, they are wonderful on new instruments too! The John Pearse® Faux Tortoise™ Shell Pins vary in light and dark just as real tortoise shell would, with a golden warmth highlighted by the shimmer of Abalone Dot Inlays.  Their density adds an interesting coloration to the sound of the instrument, similar to that obtained by using fossil ivory.

An udderly unique idea from an inexhaustible and not-threatened resource–as long as the cows come home! 🙂


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