John Pearse® Chamfered Horn Pin Sets


The John Pearse® Horn End Pins are available in 3 different inserts and either green or plastic box/wood base:

  • Simple Abalone Dot
  • Brass French Eye with Abalone Dot
  • White French Eye with Abalone Dot
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John and I were both very excited when we commissioned these Horn Bridge Pins and we were not disappointed! We did our best to capture their beauty in the images but they are much more beautiful in person!

The John Pearse® Horn Bridge Pins are slotted and the ends of the pins are chamfered–which means that the end of the pin is cut on an angle. When you insert the pin into the string slot, the chamfered end moves the pin past the ball of the string so that the ball seats along the side of the pin much more easily than without the chamfered end. When you are replacing a string in a hurry, it makes your life easier! It also means that your string will seat perfectly each time, not turning your guitar into a pin-launching cannon!

Ever since ivory was banned John has been looking for a substitute that has all the same characteristics…and is just as beautiful! Man-made plastics may come close but they just weren’t close enough. So, he went looking for something that already existed in Nature… the use of which would not be ecologically damaging.

Hand-made from the finest quality HORN, these beautiful pins will make your guitar both look and sound marvelous!

Also Available:

  • Abalone Dot Strap Button
  • Matching End Pins

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Abalone Dot, Ab Dot with White French Eye, Ab Dot with Brass French Eye


Standard, Larger


"Green", Wood Base, Plastic Box


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