.010, .014, .022W, .028W, .036W, .04W5 SILK WRAPPED BALL ENDS

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John Pearse® NUAGES® ‘Guitare Manouche’ Strings

We could try to tell you why these are one of the most exciting additions to our string line…but then, whatever we could say, you would expect it because it is coming from us. So, I decided to make it easy on all of us!

While attending the “Django Festival” at Samois, France, I was so fortunate as to meet a wonderful musician and gentle person by the name of Robin Nolan. His trio–they reside in Holland–was performing at Samois!! They had a wonderful time trying out the Nuages® Strings….and have become ENDORSEES too!?Thanks Robin!

And, since then, many other Manouche Players are using our strings, including?Lulo Reinhardt?and Kevin Nolan!

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Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5.2 × 0.32 in


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