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I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know both John and Linda. At the trade shows they always were warm and friendly and took me in as one of their own. As most people know John was larger than life and his legacy in the industry will live on forever. My heart goes out to Linda, Mary and everyone at Breezy Ridge. Rest in Peace John, and God bless.

Gary Mobley, United States

I was lucky to know John for the past 15 years, starting when he and my mom met at a supermarket in the Lehigh Valley. He brought so much to our lives – an enormous wealth of stories, jokes, songs, references to the obscure, and a whistling that could be heard half way up the street, on Turkengasse. He offered me his name and a new kind of confidence – what greater gift could one give? I hope those who meet in Besigheim Wednesday will celebrate his life and cherish your memories of him. – Bill

Bill Pearse, United States

JP–your passion, your expertise, you joy for life, your commitment to excellence…you were a renaissance man, with an insatiable curiousity that led to so many innovations…well, all I can say is those strings of yours…well, they’re all I use on my beloved guitars. They’re all I’ll ever use. I hope in some tiny way that will serve as my tribute to you! Play beautiful music with the angels!

David Argentieri, United States

John was a wonderful guy. We’ll all miss him, his music, and his many inventions.

George Austin, United States


Very sad to hear about John’s passing away.
Latcho drom my friend.

Alain Cola, United States

John, Thank you for your strings, your music, your life.

Uwe Alkofer, Germany

After having correspondence with John, I decided to try his armrests, then his strings, and his bridge pins; and this based on his friendly, approachable manner and integrity. That they also happened to be first class didn’t hurt either. I will continue to spread the word about him.

He will be missed!

Brett Valentine, United States

John was the bon vivant of our music industry and will be truly missed. Together with Mary Faith, they built a safe haven for players to enjoy music and life. Just visiting them at their trade show booths was like going to a cool party! John must be looking down smiling because he knows his legacy is kept in loving hands — Mary Faith will carry-on with their vision and his inventions for players to enjoy years to come.

Bill and Becky Lawrence, United States

John will be missed, but his legacy lives on.
I was given endorsee status in 1991. The cd I sent to John was forwarded to National facilitating a similar endorsement deal with the resonator guitar company. I regret not having met John, but he and his associates at Breezy Ridge have influenced my music and career by providing encouragement, the best resonator guitar strings on the market and personal attention to my deliveries no matter where I might be in the world.
I am saddened by his passing, but feel blessed that our lives touched through our music.

Danny Kane, United States


I knew John for over 40 years and have happy memories of many enjoyable get togethers with good food and great wine. A marvellous and knowledgeable bon-viveur – and like myself a great guitar enthusiast. We worked together on The Ibanez John Pearse guitar range which my company distributed in the 1970s in the UK.

He will be much missed but his many talents will be remembered and in this way John Pearse will live on.

Sincere condolences to Linda, Mary Faith and all his family.

Maurice J. Summerfield, United Kingdom

you have brought music into our neighbourhood – we´ll miss you and never forget you.

Florian Bauer&Marion Götz, Germany

Hey! I just wanted to lend my condolences as I too mourn the passing of John. While I never knew John personally, his contributions to my playing are immense, as soon as I picked up a pack of JP medium gauge acoustic strings I never went back and for that he will always be etched in my mind. Thanks John, RIP. Sincerely,
Ryan Lacroix (Rolley)

Rolley, Canada

All of the guys in REFURB are sorry for your loss. It’s always been obvious that the reason Breezy Ridge is as cool a company as it is has a little to do with the fine quality products it produces, but more importantly with the heart of the souls there that have made it happen.
Kevin McQuiston, endorsee

Kevin McQuiston/REFURB, United States

Thank you John for the short time you was in our neighbourhood in germany. Thank you for the guitar lessons and opening my eyes for new ways playing the guitar. For me you are still one of the best guitarplayers.
Thank you

Nico Schüle, Germany

John , danke für die schöne Zeit die wir zusammen bei Wein und Musik hatten . Ich werde Dich nie vergessen. wish you were here . Uwe

Uwe Holleitner, Germany


What a shame… Sorry to hear this.
Thank you for everything. What a legacy…
Rest in peace – all the very best to John’s family & friends,

Wayne Eagles, United States

Although I haven’t been in the inner circle of John’s closest friends at any time, I felt I should be at John’s funeral on Wednesday, 5th of November. In the end of the sixties I was one of the uncountable young ones who tried to learn guitar with a little help of John’s school, but maybe I haven’t had enough skills to understand the tablaturs, and so I had to learn it my own (hard) way. When my wife Martina and I had started our house concerts in Cologne to give wonderful artists a special chance to perform and a lucky audience a chance to listen to these artists, John played two great concerts together with Colin Wilkie. When I got the sad news I had to write down what I missed to say to him while he lived…

Epitaph für John Pearse

Vielleicht sitzt du nicht weit von hier,
halbvoll mit Wein dein Glas,
Gitarre direkt neben dir,
und hast dort deinen Spaß
an dem, was wir hier treiben,
als wärst du mit dabei –
du konntest nicht mehr bleiben,
und bist doch mit dabei.

Ein neuer Vers, ein anderes Lied
mit klarem, offnem Wort,
das uns in gute Stimmung zieht,
im Groove und im Akkord.
Gesang in muntrem Kreise –
hätt dir gefallen könn’:
Auf angenehme Weise
sich Lust und Laune gönn’.

Die Jahre und Jahrzehnte lang
gelebt in Harmonien,
die Finger voller Saitendrang,
den Kopf voll Melodien,
in Schwärmerei verloren,
das Staunen uns gelehrt –
Musik in unseren Ohren,
bleibst du von uns verehrt.

Don’t know where you’re performin’ now,
playin’ your guitars and strings. – With each
change of strings I think I should have said
a few important things.
At least, just only “Thank you, John,
or your music in all times” –
I missed the chance in prose – and this
is just a try in rhymes.

Gerd Schinkel, Cologne (Germany) 2008

Gerd Schinkel, Germany

[mfrl note: Gerd sang this song for everyone at the Gasthaus after John’s funeral. Thank you Gerd!]

I met John in January of 1984, when I was at NAMM for only the 2nd time. I had a copy of my 1st album with me and it has a close-up picture of my guitar in the back cover. I was walking by his booth, when John’s voice boomed out at me: I know that guitar! That’s a ’64 Martin! I looked up at him – I look up at everyone actually – and saw the biggest smile on his face, like he’d just won Final Jeopardy. I said, No, it’s actually a ’69… and he began to tell me how it has to be a ’64 due to the grain, etc. and we decided it must be some sort of hybrid. But that interest in my guitar, in my opinions, in our stories, led to a long and inspiring relationship with him, Mary Faith and so many others I met because of him. I then tried the strings and have played them ever since. Every show, he and Mary Faith made room and time for me, promoted my playing and my albums, allowed me to be a part of the family of endorsers, encouraged me to play more music and just inspired me to always find some reason to believe.

When my son was born, John presented him with a teddy bear. He still has it. My son goes to NAMM now as a musician.
I miss John terribly and the news that he had passed away – while not a total surprise – was still so tragically sad. Thank you Dana for calling me. Linda, our hearts and prayers go out to you at this difficult time. Mary Faith, words cannot express our love and support and energy for you as you deal with this loss.

John, great does not describe your contribution to our world, talented falls short of describing your playing and inventing, and love doesn’t quite cover the depth of our feeling for you and the feeling you left in us. Goodbye, John.

Nick Pyzow, United States


Although we have only known John and Linda since 2003, we do feel exactly like
Nick Pylow has put it so wonderfully and like so many of John’s friends all over the world did.
Meeting John, this amazing, incredible wonderful Lebenskuenstler and artist, talking and listening to him, corresponding with him, always had the effects of a magical medicine .
He had so much to give and gave freely, wisdom, knowledge, stories …music.
The impact he had on our lives will always remind us of him and the great times we spent together with Linda and John and many of their friends.
Thank you all, especially Linda!
We will never forget John and you

Yvonne & Klaus Dollinger, Germany

So sorry to hear of John’s passing. We met briefly at a summer NAMM show 3 years ago and John spent quite a while encouraging me to pursue a dream to build guitars in Africa. May God grant you peace and give you comfort as you remember John in the coming days.


Jay Duncan, United States

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