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“Down Home” BACK PAGES 2/1/01


We don’t know how


but this is what they look like around

Breezy Ridge Farm sometimes!

“Shue, Shine & Socks”

Photo 2000 Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis

The mama of this wonderful group of kids is a white bob-tailed cat who appeared here, at Breezy Ridge Farm, several years ago. These kittens,her second litter here, finally got to know us when they were about 4 months old! That’s now close to two years ago. We still have them all. The three kids [named, believe it or not, “Shue” after an Egyptian Goddess, “Socks” for Socrates, and “Shine” though he was originally going to be “Aristotle”] and mom–called “Bob”– and 5 other cats! We are blessed by their love and their sense of fun and play…they help keep us young and take very good care of us!



It is my hope to be able to keep this page somewhat current! Since I’ve already missed Christmas and our 20th Anniversary, well…here goes anyway!

I live on my family farm–Breezy Ridge Farm–here in Eastern Pennsylvania. It is a place that truly deserved its name–because no matter how hot it got, there was always a breeze to cool you! It has been my home since 1954 and I inherited it ten years ago! I happily share it with all the “kids”, and my husband, Spafford Lewis–it is a very loving place! We don’t have cows or horses anymore…or much of the land which was originally part of the farm, but it is enough for us.

Breezy Ridge Instruments, Ltd. was originally named after the farm. John had a new design for Hammer Dulcimers and that is how we originally started in business. It is still confusing to some people, who believe that “John Pearse® Strings” is the actual company name and keep looking for us filed under “P” instead of “B”! You can get the rest of the story from the “About Breezy Ridge” Page.

Getting this website revamped has been a large undertaking…and I hope that you enjoy the new look of it all. The purchase of a digital camera obliged me to redo ALL the photographs because the new ones made the old ones look terrible! Also, it was time to get more information out there about our NEW products, AND to finally get the ENDORSEES Page started!

We have also listed dealers of John Pearse® Strings/Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd., products…so that you can find them more immediately where you are. We will do our best to keep this information as current as possible…and will appreciate any feedback of corrections, additions, etc. you can share with us! Just email them to us citing: corrections. We will appreciate it.

In these days of e-commerce, we have chosen to not turn our website into a shopping basket! We would rather that you support stores who are in business to support YOU in your music! Since John and I first sold strings on concert tours when we’d play at night and sell during the day, so many of the little “Mom & Pop” music stores that we dealt with, which have been the backbone of music in this country, have disappeared. We believe that your local music stores provide you with information, help and assistance as well as a good place to find people of common interests–and maybe even a few new tunes!! The mark-up on strings has kept many a music store in business when perhaps poor sales of larger ticketed items didn’t!

Hopefully, your local stores will already have our products. For any that don’t, if you ask them, hopefully they will order our products for you! If they won’t order them, then you follow your other options!!! We have provided you with the information about those websites who do carry our products.As ever, literally NO ONE carrys all our products: strings, singles selection, accessories…so you can always order from us. Your feedback, interest and business are all important to us! So, in any case, please don’t hesitate to call us directly, email us, or fax us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Thanks for your time!

Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis

Graphics and logos on this web site are trademarked, copyrighted, or registered by Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd., Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis or Linda Pearse, Center Valley, PA 18034, and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd.

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