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John Pearse has touched and changed my life. You brought the music back to me. Yoú are with me when I play and sing.
I miss you, John
Gods speed, wherever you are
Your student and friend

Karl Bim Broderix, Germany

At John’s funeral, Mary Faith suggested I put in this Guestbook the link to my Homepage where I tell a tale of my old mate John and me back in ’66 :

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Colin Wilkie, Germany

One reason I’m still playing with as much enthusiasm as I was in the late sixties is down to John’s (TV and Book) tutelage – Grateful thanks for his life and may his god reward him well

George Wilson, United Kingdom

I am sad to learn of John’s death. Although our paths parted some years ago, I thought of him often. I remember when I first saw him at Bubba’s one night I was doing a solo gig. I recognized him from the Phila. Folk Festival where I had bought the JP & MFR album. So I promptly launched into his parody on Side By Side, and a friendship was born. I still have the handmade prototype of the JP armrest on my D-35 which he gave me, so in a way he’s been a partner on every gig I’ve played for the past 25 years or so. Friendships seem to wax and wane in this life, and here was one I wish hadn’t seen us taking divergent paths. I remember that medical accident well, and I remember him struggling to restore his ability to play. Music has been well served to have him as a brother. Rest in peace, my friend. God’s blessings to all who mourn for him. I don’t expect we’ll see his like again.

Joe Triglia, United States

Sadly enough, another wonderful soul has departed this earthly plane and gone onto the next. I have suffered many losses in the last 18 months and though I only knew John through his strings, I feel the loss as all do. When you meet my family on the other side, play for them and rest in the light. Many thanks.

Henry Blackjack, Canada


About six years ago, I received an eBay order for my Jug Fusion album
from a buyer with the name

Shane Speal, the cigar box guitar guy, United States

John was a friend, a musician, a mentor, and an inventor the likes of which shall not been seen again. He was a constant source of advice and encouragement for me. I’ll always admire and miss him.
My deepest sympathy to Linda, Mary Faith, and the rest of his family and friends who all loved him.

Chuck Crowe, United States


I was saddened to hear of John’s passing. I have used his strings and other products for many years, and even spoke to him on the phone once. The company that he and Mary Faith founded truly has made the world a better place. Russell Relethford (aka Rusty Ford)

Russell Relethford, United States

I met John through a mutual guitar-playing friend Gerry Forest, when I bought John’s Martin HD-28 . I was fortunate enough, during a trip to Pennsylvania, to have been invited to spend a night at Linda and John’s place in Penn. And in the morning we all had breakfast together, and they introduced me to Marmite. Absolutely dreadful stuff, but I loved the man, and I think about him every time I see a bottle. Always jovial, always giving and teaching; a wonderful, wonderful man. Linda- my deepest condolences. The guitars I bought from John are still the best and the warmest I’ve ever owned. Baruch Dayan Emet.

Mark Bassel, Canada

I brought my first guitar in the late 70s.after a TV Show with John. I allways learn the playing of the old bluesman from him each book each lesson. I am verry proud to own a Martin Guitar with his works on it. Thank you for all the music and all the hours in studios with your strings.
…my heart breaks if you take your lone journey.
R.I.P. Andreas

Andreas Utz-Lentzsch, Germany


John and I new each other casually for many years, but it took a trip to Shanghai to get to know him better. Through his good friend Rick Schub, Nikki and I enjoyed wine with John and Linda in the executive club at the Shanghai Rennaissance Hotel each evening over a period of five or six days several years ago. It was then I heard he was a published author. At some point he sent me one of his books. I don’t know why it surprised me, having enjoyed his company those five or six nights, but the book was and is wonderfully written. A real treat.

At that point John was still actively performing and I can only imagine how wonderfully entertaining his shows must have been.

I will miss him.


Harvey Levy, United States


Today I was on the road for several hours, listening to the radio.
It is Mickey Mouse’s 80th birthday !
An exhibition in a neighbouring town is presenting exhibits made of paper: paper machines, paper instruments,( even a paper organ!) paper birds – able to make music, noises, to move, to jump….just by friction and levers …only paper !
The Paper Museum ! I have to go and see !
A former teacher of technology and engineering has developed these folded-paper models.
Nowadays he even sells them all over the world – to America , Japan ..!
Immediately I thought :
Oh, my God !
I would have told John about this in an email tonight !
He would have shared my amazement and enthusiasm !
With joy, he would have poured out a tale , for sure would have dug out one of the many incidents he had experienced with either folded paper or with Mickey Mouse!
He would have added a lot of amusing , as well as astonishing knowledge about these topics !
He used to call me y.Y. , for -young Yvonne-
Not that he was that much older than me. We both knew that he had the life experience and knowledge
of at least three lives , lived in one lifetime – and still was curious and eager to learn more, to do more …
Not being a musician , I admired and loved this quality at him.
His infectious enthusiasm, curiosity, openness to the world and people and willingness to share everything!
<And he was a master of the language – enriched my poor vocabulary and verbal skills constantly.
In entry 60 I said, contacting him had the effects of medicine ! It always was refreshing and beneficial !
We do miss him !

Yvonne Dollinger, Germany

One thing that has always stuck with me as a journalist is something John said to me years ago when I was interviewing him in Winfield, Kansas for an article in Bluegrass Unlimited. He was telling me about the many books that he had written–about a really diverse range of topics. John said his secret was that he was [to be continued]

Nancy Cardwell Erdos, Unted States


Dear Mary san,

What a sad news I have to receive from you !
John was a great musician and the greatest inventor of musical instruments. I always respected his accomplishment very much.
I would like to express my deepest sorrow and my sincere condolence
to all of you, Mary san and Linda san.
I wanted to be his real friend if his life would be extended more !
Now I simply hope his soul will be peacefully sleeping in the heaven.

Shinichiro Nakabayashi
Shinichiro Nakabayashi, Japan

I was a student of John’s at Cecil Sharp House way back in the early sixties I would just like to thank him for teaching me a few easy chords and a rocking ‘claw-hammer’ technique.

John’s seemingly effortless teaching gave me a love of good music of every kind. And my old guitar has helped me negotiate the vicissitudes of life.

Thank you John

Richard White, Thailand


I was sad to stumble across the notice of John’s death, the last time I met him was in Birmingham in 1966 when he made one of his frequent visits to our folk club the holy ground, we always looked forward to his visits because of his ability to hold the crowd spellbound with his fingerpicking and humour and of course his sartorial elegance. I would like to offer my condolences to all concerned.

Mick Treacy, Ireland

I’ll miss you John. Your booth was always one of my favorites on my NAMM show crawl. Full of great innovative products, warm and helpful people and if i was lucky, John himself. I still use many of your devices daily. Thanks, and strum in peace.

David Reilly, New Zealand


Music Really Does Make the World a Better Place!


I enjoy the fruits of your labor, and I enjoyed the contacts we had.

YOU make the world a better place!

Rest well, my friend


Don Hindenach, United States &


I’ll never forget first meeting John when he and Mary Faith came my music store in San Antonio while launching Breezy Ridge. By the end of the day it seemed like we had known each other forever as we toasted to great new products and our newly found friendship. John was truly an ambassador of music and knew what he wanted to hear which resulted in many outstanding products for the discriminating musician. John’s spirit will live forever and will continue, through his vision, to lift the spirits of those in need through music. Thank You John!

John M. Ramirez, United States

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