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“Down Home” Back Pages 4/23/10


Back Pages 4/23/10

Yesterday I rediscovered a song I’d written for Steve Goodman in a concert tape from 1985 of the only time I’d ever performed it and, thank heavens, had been recorded by a friend who was doing the PA for the concert. {Thank you Bud!!!} Part of the chorus goes:

“You know how it is, in the twinkling of an eye.

You can turn around and the years have passed you by.”

That’s how a lot feels to me these days, and especially as concerns this website…for which, my friends, I owe you my sincere apologies. I try to update it at least once a year…but somehow, these last 2 years has just flown by! And, to those who would say, get a webmaster, and to those of you who have offered your services…I say thank you…but somehow, Breezy Ridge was always about doing it ourselves and making it better. While I acknowledge the complaints about the “obsolete” nature of our site, by comparison to the technology of the day, I know the Love that goes into everything that goes on here…and, somehow, that is more important than glitz.

We have a new page dedicated to some of the new picks….the John Pearse® Fast Turtles™ made of Casein…and the wonderful new John Pearse® Bridge Pins we have been producing! It also includes the beautiful, Made in the USA, leather pouches we have available for picks, etc., as well as the Musicians’ CarryAll™ which is just the perfect bag for playing outside [all your “stuff” is handy without having to put it down somewhere] or for travelling through airports, etc.

As we celebrate Breezy Ridge’s 30th Anniversary this year, I look forward with great expectation…continuing what John and I started in 1980 and continuing to serve musicians and their instruments. The music is always the most important thing…it is where we go when we can no longer smile, and it is what makes us smile. In these complicated times, it is music which helps to lighten our hearts, or to plumb the depths of our souls.Ultimately, it is music that reminds us that we are all one in our humanity and this is something we must not forget.

Mary Faith

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