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“Down Home” BACK PAGES 4/02/03

Breezy Ridge®/John Pearse® Strings at Home

BACK PAGES 4/02/03


2 April 2003

Hello Again!

It seems to me that I should be able to renew this page more often than once a year…but it’s getting to be an annual event!

We’ve got some wonderful new items which you should check out on our New Products Page:

John Pearse® KingPins(tm)

John Pearse® KingPins™ – Set of Seven Solid Brass Slotted Bridge Pins and Matching End Pin with Ebonite & Mother of Pearl “French Eye”

John Pearse® Faux Tortoise Shell Bridge Pins – set of 7 pinsJohn Pearse® Faux Tortoise Shell Bridge Pins








Now that we have a dsl line, hopefully the changes on these pages will occur in a more timely fashion–and we thank you for your patience!

Happy Spring!

Mary Faith

ps…and remember, “MUSIC REALLY DOES MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”…so when things get difficult and words don’t come easily, remember those instruments waiting patiently in the corner or in their cases under the bed! When you get them out and play them, it makes it better for everyone, you included!



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