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“Down Home” BACK PAGES 12/7/14

BACK PAGES 12/7/14

Dear Friends,

The old expression is “Time flies…” But doesn’t it continue with “…when you’re having fun”?

Winter in Eastern Pennsylvania last year was one of the snowiest on record! And, while it felt Spring would never come, [the groundhog was right for once!] we could finally reach out with open arms to let the sun warm us….and finally melt away the last of the snow piles!!!

The seasons have really been changing…Summer was warm, but the dog-days of August wandered off somewhere else. And while Fall seemed to be too short, it is frightening that we are here, again, approaching winter.

Winter is a time for introspection–it not only seems like the right thing to do, but it is almost defined by the weather. It can often be difficult because looking ourselves in the face is not necessarily a fun thing to do…but it is a necessary thing to do once in a while. So while I don’t hope for the record snows we had last year, I will appreciate some extra time to sit and consider things.

A lot of things have been bubbling away on the back burners here at Breezy Ridge.

We have been importing the “AddString” from Holland and having great success with it here. Finally there is a way to add a seventh string to a guitar without damaging or changing the nature of the instrument. Check it out on our AddString page.

We have added new “Skinny™ Straps” which solve the problem of having a strap which will fit different instruments. By contrast to our heavier Guitar Straps which are two layers of leather, the “Skinny Straps” are a single layer of leather, which means you can roll them up easily in the corner of a case with no problem. They are available in five styles: Black, Nubuck, Burgundy, Red and Walnut. And, they are one of the best deals out there!

We’ve also introduced a luxurious “Soft Strap”™ which is only available in Black and is the most LUXURIOUS Strap we have ever had. Has an extra hole on the adjustment strap so that you could change it from guitar to mandolin without adjustment as you would with a normal strap!

I had someone ask me recently what were the titles for the John Pearse® Singles Selection! Well, they are not song titles, nor singles in that respect. They are the large selection of single strings which we always have available for players so that they are able to get exactly what they want. Rarely does someone need a string which we don’t have in stock. Check it out on the Strings page.

We are constantly putting sets together for pro players and stores and often those combinations are made available to the public, as well, as a set. Check out the Sets available [on the Strings page link above] as there have been a few additions in the last months.

At Musikmesse this year a bunch of us sat down around a table and tried to decide which picks are not available which should be. The result are three new unique picks, made of Buffalo Horn, which [thanks to our friend Karl Broderix] are called our COWBOY PICKS™. Consisting of three new shapes, these picks are made with an attention to detail and are truly small works of art. These are some of the thinnest Horn picks we have ever produced!

MESA™ has lots of pick under your thumb,with a dimple for control, with a short picking point.

CHAPARRAL™ is the compliment of the Mesa™, not quite so much under the thumb,with a dimple for control, and a longer picking point;

PALAMINO™ is the deepest of the three picks, with four drilled holes and a dimple for control, and a long point.

Check them all out on the New Products Page.

Oh, and by the way, we now finally have a Heavy Fast Turtle™ Pick at 3.2 mm!!And a wonderful new Microfiber Polishing Cloth…large enough for a guitar at 12″ x 12″!

We have also enlarged our selection of the “Music Really Does….” embroidered oval shirts with “Pumpkin” Short Sleeve and “Turquoise” Long Sleeve Shirts in the Beefy-T mens sizing. But we have finally added a Ladies Short Sleeve T with the “Music Really Does…” oval which is shorter than the mens shirts and made for Lady’s shape. Call the office for details on availability – 800.235.3302.

I want to give sincere thanks here to Todd Newman for allowing me the time to get myself back into the swing of things after the death of my husband. I still have good and bad days and I know it hasn’t been easy on him. But he has risen to the task and done a great job of it! Thanks as well for all the kind words and letters which helped to carry me through. Now I know what it is like to lose a partner, and my reaction, when this happens to others I know, will be very different and much more proactive from what it had been. Funny how that works.

Be Kind to One Another.

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