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“Down Home” BACK PAGES 11/22/10

Breezy Ridge®/John Pearse® Strings at Home

BACK PAGES 11/22/10




Dear Friends!


Here we are again…how the time does seem to fly. At least it hasn’t been a year since we got some new information on the site! Things have been busy…and we consider that a good thing. The time passes quickly these days, especially after the return to non Daylight Saving Hours in the Fall…I always feel like someone has lowered a boom on my neck and I just want to go and hibernate for the winter. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

The turn of the seasons is a very healthy thing…even though it plays havoc with my internal clock on occasion. It is appropriate that as the days grow shorter we “turn inward” and reflect. I believe that this is why the fall [through the holidays] is such a difficult emotional time. The “close” look we get of ourselves is not necessarily comforting. This is a complicated time of year for me in any case….this is the time of year when I think of the passing of my sister and my mom, and, of course, of John Pearse.

However, for me, this year, it is different. This month would have been my Mother’s 100th birthday and we celebrated it at our favorite restaurant with cousins and family friends! My Dad’s100th was in July and we marked that, as well. I know they were both with us in Spirit and had a grand time! By the way, it was Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday this year as well! 1910 was a good year….

Breezy Ridge® carries on providing our great strings and accessories! We have recently added some wonderful embroidered Denim Shirts, T Shirts and Ball Caps! And the Leather Pouches we have added are perfect for musicians!

We have seriously enlarged the John Pearse® Singles Selection for specialized instruments…so if there was a string you needed, perhaps we’ll have it covered now!

Our “SILKS” have actually been around for a long time…but our ads have been drawing so much more attention to them that we have added the Phosphor Bronze and Silk Twelve String Set #1410. Thanks to all of you who keep asking for them!

And, it certainly seems as if the Pure Nickel Acoustilectrics have come of age…sets #960L Light Gauge and #980M Medium Gauge have been sailing out of the office as quickly as we can put them together!

If you browse the John Pearse® String Sets, you will find that we have added quite a few custom sets which we are providing to distributors, we also have added them to the cumulation of sets available to everyone. .

We are glad to have our John Pearse® KingPins™ available again…and in more possibilities than we have ever had! We have added both Slotted or Unslotted Pins. And now, in addition to the French Eye of the Original KingPins™, we offer Plain Brass, or Large Pearl Dot! Matching EndPins are also available. These pins are a joy…no rough edges to the touch. Truly a beauty to behold and extraordinary in use!.

To save on the plastic packaging, we are also offering both our KingPins™ and our New Chamfered Bone or Horn Bridge Pins in Green Packaging…one of our John Pearse® Mini Squeeze Pouches! Now, you get something you want to keep instead of something to throw away!

We also have the John Pearse® Ol’ Reliable™ Guitar Capo available again! After running out of the original orders we purchased abroad, they are now being manufactured 10 miles away from here! Good to be able to keep such things as close as possible to home. [You could say that for a lot of things!]

We introduced our new John Pearse® Skinny™ Strap in our golden nubuck leather this summer to great success and are looking forward to having it available in Leather, as well. The colors available will be Dark Brown, Burgundy, and a wonderful warm Red. Not was wide or as heavy as our standard Guitar Straps, they roll up more easily into a case and fit guitar as well as banjo and mandolin! [We’ll get a picture in soon!]

There were all sorts of large reel to reel tapes in the office which have been digitized and are in the process of being produced for digital format! Among them were John’s “Alive and Well and Living in America”, my album with the Dobbs Brothers, “Take Care of Yourself”, our “Together” lp and enough out-takes from the concert to add another CD to the “album”, and a couple of other surprises. John’s “StringAlong” series is also in the process of being digitized…both the Videos to DVD and the “sound sheet:” to CD format! As you can see, one doesn’t get bored here! These will all be released as quickly as we can manage it!

Rick Shubb also provided us with the artwork from John’s website, We’ll be getting this back up too! It’s on my list! Thanks Rick!

Check out the New Products Page for all the latest additions–which are too numerous to mention here– as well as some wonderful possibilities for presents for a musician…or for yourself!

Immortality means different things to different people. My sister was a Greek archeologist and told me that they believed that you were immortal as long as you were remembered. One would hope immortality to be better justified by “good” things rather than “infamous”, although “infamous” tends to get more press. In any case, it will be someone else who writes of it so they will figure it out.

All I can do is the best that I can…temper work with joy, constantly review priorities, take care of stray cats and give thanks for my husband and the friends who bring Light to my life and help me to not sweat the small stuff!





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